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Hello world! You might know me (or not know me) from my youtube channel, and this site is merely intended to be an extension of the stuff that I do there: namely, translated and subbed content related to AKB48, their sister groups, and Japan in general. This site isn’t intended to be an informative news site, though I do plan to translate Japanese articles every now and again (there are already lots of news sites which are waaaaaay better than this would one would ever be).  This space is merely intended as a personal dumping ground for things that aren’t practical or possible with just youtube.

Check out the About page for more information about me, questions and answers, and various other stuffs.  The sidebar is adorned with my presence on various other social mediums. I’ll be updating these regularly as I update this site’s content, so feel free to pick your social medium of choice.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

-Jerry (yup, that’s me!)

PS. And for no good reason, here’s a picture of one of my favorite actresses: Toda Erika. I’ve been in love since I saw her in Liar Game (^^Erika Toda

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Sometimes editor. Sometimes translator. Mostly a proofreader. I like Japan and things.