Nogizaka46’s “Natsu no Free & Easy” debuts at #1 with first day sales of 375,000

Today’s July 9th release of Nogizaka46’s 9th single, “Natsu no Free & Easy” achieved first day sales of about 375,000, and ranked #1 on Oricon CD single daily ranking. This continues the streak, started by the “Oide shampoo” single of eight consecutive singles with day one sales reaching #1 rank.

This single features Nishino Nanase as center, after Ikoma Rina’s starrring as center for two consecuritive singles – SKE48’s exchange student, Matsui Rena, as participates in this single.  As with previous works, this single comes in four different versions. Type C, as the “under version” has a special jacket and has an original song featuring the “under members”.

The group’s previous single, “Ki ga tsuitara kataomoi” had 387,000 sales, so this single represents a drop of 12,000.  Since their first single, this represents the first time that first day sales have dropped.  Some reasons offer include: Ikuta Erika’s absence, the increased strictness of handshaking events as a result of the AKB handshaking incident, the nationwide hand shaking events turning into “nationwide talking events” — with thise changes, it’s thought that core fans’ desire to buy has decreased.

The previous eight singles all achieved #1 in first week sales, with regards to demand, there’s a possibility of breaking previous single’s record.

On Nogizaka46’s official Youtube channel, there are four special “making of videos”, in addition to bonus footage called “Personal PV” consisting of 33 videos.

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