Nishino Nanase looking terrible without makeup?!

I’m not sure how this appeared in my news feed.  Apparently, a glimpse of Nishino Nanase, fresh out of the bath, makeup-less seems to have garnered mixed opinions.  I didn’t think she looked terribly different. To each his / her own, as they say.

The “samples” for your viewing pleasure:

Nishino Nanase, fresh, out of the bath
Nishino Nanase, fresh, out of the bath
Nishino Nanase
How most people know her


Comments seem to suggest mixed opinions:

“No make-up, huh.”

“Isn’t being filmed without makeup forbidden?”

“Wow, cute”

“She’s really not very lively”

“I just saw a terrible face! LOL”

“So this is what she’s like without makeup. Man, so cute”

“She’s a street punk!”

“That was a really bad face”

“She doesn’t look very happy”

I think she looks totally fine!

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