Sashihara Rino

Sashihara Rino ranks #9 in most TV appearances in first half of 2014

Nihon Monitor (one of Japan’s oldest broadcast monitoring firms), recently sent out a press release tallying and ranking the number of television appearances by Japan’s most famous celebrities. The top 20 list was dominated by many of Japan’s most popular manzai comedy duos, singers, actors / actresses, and other celebrities.  However, further breakdown of the result by gender show Sashihara Rino at the #9 position with 162 TV appearances. The complete of top 10 females is as follows:

Position # of appearances Name Group name Agency
1 215 Okubo Kayako Oases Production People Power House
2 211 Kondo Haruna Hari senbo Yoshimoto Creative Agency
3 201 Kojima Ruriko Hori-Pro
4 196 Sekine Mari Asai Kikaku
5 194 Minowa Haruka Hari senbo Yoshimoto Creative Agency
6 171 Kuroyanagi Tetsuko Yoshida Group
7 169 SHELLY Stardust Promotion
8 166 Becky Sun Music Production
9 162 Sashihara Rino HKT48 Oita Production
10 157 Nishikawa Ayako Hori-Pro

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