Miyawaki Sakura, 宮脇咲良

HKT48’s Miyawaki Sakura has become too skinny?

A recent thread over at ZigNote discusses recent photos of Miyawaki Sakura, and the possibility that she’s gotten too skinny as of late.  The purported “proof” is initially provided via two photos:

Miyawaki Sakura, 宮脇咲良

Miyawaki Sakura, 宮脇咲良

Some of the initial comments (translated from Japanese) are as follows:

“If she doesn’t put on some more weight, her boobs won’t get bigger, right?” (もう少し肉つけないとおっぱいも大きくならないね)

“She’s bony” (ガッリガリだな)

“Her bottom half is awesome” (下半身は素晴らしい)

“It’s like she only has a waist and thighs” (ウエストと太ももくらいしかない)

Miyawaki Sakura, 宮脇咲良

“Skin and bones” (ガリガリやね)

“It’s 100 times better than being a fatty” (デブよりは100倍イイ)

“Mayuyu’s top half is just like this” (まゆゆも上半身はこれぐらい細い)

The thread then takes a turn and considers Sakura’s appearance in school uniforms.  It opens with the comment “According to Sasshi, looking at Sakura-tan’s gorgeous school uniform outfits will tickle any wota’s heart”.  The proof, in photos, is as follows:

What do you think?

Source: http://zignote.com/M_Sakura_Ch/1_1405392738117

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