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AKB-related Japanese lessons: an update

Too long, didn’t read version: I’m re-doing the first lesson I planned to launch. Sorry guys and gals 🙁

I was doing some voice recording earlier today, and had just loaded the voice track into my video editor.  I spent few hours picking out clips and videos, and then I went about editing.  Most of it involved adding typography to fit with what I was explaining.  It’s then I realized how long this lesson was. Clocking in at almost 10 minutes.  Looking over the material as well, it occurred to me that perhaps it was a little too dense, especially for beginners.  In creating these lessons, I set about with a few main caveats in mind:

  • It would be interesting for AKB fans, regardless of whether you are learning Japanese or not (though Japanese learnes are obviously the prime audience)
  • Video lessons would be less than 5 minutes. Yup, I have a short attention span, and I think a lot of viewers do also.
  • Will NOT replace a traditional Japanese language curriculum.  What I’m doing is definitely non-standard 🙂

The first lessons I planned to release was going to be an introduction to variations on the word, “oshimen”.  It was much more involved than I thought 🙂  And perhaps a little too technical.  So, I think the first lesson will simply be about how to tell people about your oshimen. I think that will be much more fun, but I’ll see.  I’m always welcome to feedback, but I suppose I should finish a lesson first and then solicit feedback.

Anyhow, that’s all for now. Cheers, and thanks for waiting (just a little bit longer :D).

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