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There are no top-class members in AKB48, says Japan’s Vice minister Aso Taro

“Within AKB, there are no individual top-class members, but when you put them together, they’re the best”.

Vice Prime Minister Aso Taro, during a lecture on the 22nd of July in Yokohama, made a reference to AKB while pointing out that the strength of Japanese people is when they are combined.  With regards to manufacturing and the regeneration of the economy, he emphasizes the activation of local economies.

Aso points out, “Consider the Japanese features of oshinnadeshiko, AKB48. The thing these three things share is: individually, they’re not top class”.  On top of that, with regards to AKB, he says, “Foreign celebrities have better proportions, better songs, and prettier faces.  Ask any pro, and they’ll say the same thing.  However, when you put them all together, clearly AKB is better”.  As a unified unit, taking pride in the fame of AKB, he compare this to Japan’s potential. Furthermore, “The Japanese are inferior on their own, but if they work together, they are unmistakingly strong.”, while emphasizing his thoughts on manufacturing, economic comeback, employment, and local economies.


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    I agree. Strength in numbers has always been Japan’s ace in the hole. Nowadays, applications for such strategies, however, are few and far in between. Let’s look at Japan’s track record. Waging total war. Out. Low-cost assembly-line manufacturing. Out. Beehive offices full of salaryman drones. Out.

    Japan’s challenge will be to apply both modern and traditional concepts of organization and management skills to the next generation of value-added services and products that can truly harness Japan’s untapped potential. Easier said than done at the end of the day.