AKB48 Team Surprise

Cast your vote in making the next AKB48 Team Surprise song!

This news comes via the AKB48 official LINE account.  I got the following message on Saturday via LINE:

AKB48 Song Creation Project

Sample songs, outfits, and CD covers will be decided by the fans: the dream project begins now.

Phase 1 is the song selection. This is the first time AKB48’s internal musical compositions will be public.

There are eight demo songs to chose from. Selection begins from the 23rd!  On that day, a voting form will be sent in this chat window.

You can listen to the songs on the site, so please check it out before the 23rd!

Here is the original text:


デモ曲, 衣装, ジャケット写真をファンのみんなに決めていただく夢の企画がついに始まります




The message includes a link to the mobile site where one can listening to the sample songs: http://nav.cx/3PGHf8I, the desktop version being here: http://demo.akb48-surprise.jp/pc/

I’m personally going for Melody H. What do you guys think?

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  • i wish i couLd speak japanese lololllllll need sae to get into the kami 7…

    • It’s never too late to learn 🙂 Have you ever tried voting in the election? I’m going to try it for the first time next year.