Kokoro No Placard

First AKB48 Kokoro no Placard Prize Grand Prix winner

This news comes couresty of the AKB48 Official LINE account.  Voting appears to be over, but basically this was a contest to vote for the top user-submitted Kokoro No Placard messages.

The first place submission appears below. I felt it was worth mentioning, as it’s a very touching message.

Kokoro No Placard Winning Entry
Kokoro No Placard Winning Entry

It reads:

To my father in heaven (天国のパパへ)

I’ve finally gotten married! (やっと結婚できました!)

He’s a lot like you.(少しパパに似ている人です。)

I wish you could have met him.(会って欲しかったー!)

How nice (^^.  I wonder if there will be future events like these.

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