Kuramochi Asuka, Mocchi

Kuramochi Asuka’s confession from AKB 1/149 Renai sousenkyo

Here is Kuramochi Asuka’s confession, with English subtitles, from AKB 1/149 Renai sousenkyo.

Overall, this is a pretty straightforward dialogue, with the exception of two points.  First, here is the relevant vocabulary:

振り付け(ふりつけ, furitsuke)→ dance moves, choreography.  This is pretty relevant vocabulary when it comes to the various 48-group dances and performances.

抜け駆け(ぬけがけ, nukegake)→ jumping ahead on your own.  I actually don’t hear this word used very often.  In the context of this confession video, Yukirin uses this phrase to say something like, “Don’t have too much fun without us!”

禁止(きんし, kinshi)→ forbidden.  In terms of the 48-group, and other idol groups, you’ll often hear the phrase 恋愛禁止(れんあいきんし, ren’ai kinshi), which means “love is forbidden”, i.e. no relationships with members of the opposite sex.

The first point which needs attention is the portion where Mocchi apologizes for Yukirin and Akicha coming.  She refers to Akicha as “Ochamaru”, which is apparently one of Takajo Aki’s nicknames.  I was very confused at first, as I had no idea what this meant!

The next point happens during the rejection.  Mocchi uses the phrase “orita” (降りた, orita).  The literally meaning of oriru is to descend, or step down; for example, when stepping off a bus, or a train: バスから降りた (basu kara orita).  In the context of Mocchi’s usage, it has the meaning of giving up.  Presumably, giving up on you, as she is leaving.

The transcript is as follows:













And, just for kicks, here are some random photos of Mochi. Enjoy! (^^

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