Kasai Tomomi

Kasai Tomomi: “I don’t know how to date”

Former AKB48 member Kasai Tomomi talks about her troubling love life, during a broadcast of Nihon Television TV show, “Konya kurabetemimashita” (「今夜くらべみてみました」, translated roughly as, “Tonight, let’s compare”).

Kasai made an appearance alongside guests Morshita Chisato and Mizuno Yuuko. The show’s theme labeled, “Salvation of the troubed women of Watanabe Productions Special!”, wherein the three guests introduced their private homes via home video, in addition to receiving hard advice from guest celebrity Watanabe Ken.  Kasai is currently employed as a model and currently living with her sister, introduces her home to the public for the first time.  Her biggest worry: “The world thinks I have this sexy image, but the real me is different”.  That being said, as she appears on video, in her room with a sexy outfit, Watanabe is quick to point out: “With that kind of worry, that isn’t what you’d wear in your room!”.

Kasai became part of AKB48’s 2nd generation in 2006, alongside Oshima Yuko and Akimoto Sayaka, and gradated in May of last year.  The MC of the show, Goto Terumoto, asks: “AKB48 is forbidden from having relationships. You’ve graduated. How’s your love life been?”  Kasai replied, “Having a relationship is no longer forbidden, but I really haven’t done anything….”.

Continuing on, she says, “I was so busy when I was in AKB48.  So, I never went through the process of dating, and don’t understand it.  How to go out with someone, what it means to be with someone… it seems I really don’t understand it.”  While she talks about this seriously, the show’s other guest commentator SHELLY couldn’t stop laughing, and starts covering her face.

Watanabe followed afterward with, “Even more than us, it seems the audience can’t hold their laughter”, wherein many of the audience’s female members start clapping and laughing.  While Kasai hadn’t completely understood the situation, the MC Goto chimes in, “Everybody is thinking, ‘Yeah right, that can’t be true!'”, and continues to ask Kasai, “Don’t people just confess to you?”.  Kasai answers, “No, nobody has ever confessed to me!”

Source: http://yiyi0055.seesaa.net/article/405161783.html

Disclaimer: this is a very rough English translation, with added explanation, of an article originally written in Japanese. It could be filled with mistakes. Believe what you read at your own risk!

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