Shiraishi Mai

“With plastic surgery, I want this face!” ranking shows HYDE and Shiraishi Mai at #1

Takasu Katsuka, the director of Takasu Clinic, famous for cosmetic surgery, and his son, Takasu Mikiya of the company’s Nagoya branch, recently revealed on the company’s blog site a recent survey of its patients.  The survey asks, “Through cosmetic plastic surgery, what famous person’s face would you want?”. The survey was performed in 2014, between the months of April and July.  The men’s results declared Japanese rock band L’arc-en-Ciel’s leader, HYDE, as the top runner.  For women, it was Nogizaka46’s Shiraishi Mai.

For the men’s side, compared to last year, HYDE held steady at #1.  The previous year’s number 4 position, Exile’s TAKAHIRO, became number 2.  Drama actor, Shohei Miura, previously number 5, came up to number 3.  Tomo Ikuta, previously the number 2 position, ranked down to number 11.

Previously, Shiraishi Mai ranked number 6. Number 2 stayed the same, with Nonen Rena.  From number 4, up to number 3 is Kitagawa Keiko. Ishihara Satomi, previously ranked first, fell to number 6. The final result, is listed below. Male side:

Female side:

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