Takahashi Minami AKB 1/149 confession gameplay

Here is Takahashi Minami’s confession, with English subtitles, from the video game AKB 1/149 Renai sousenkyo (恋愛総選挙). 

This is the first of many re-uploads!  In honor of Takamina’s recent graduation announcement, I thought I’d go ahead and post this again, this time with some more details about the video’s dialogue.  For reference, the complete dialogue appears at the end of this post.

I suppose I’ll start with a quick and useless fact.  She’s eating shaved ice, and she tops it off with “milk”.  Of course, this is not milk in the standard sense, but is sweetened condensed milk, also known as 加糖煉乳 (かとうれんにゅう).  The verb she uses here is 足す(たす), which means to add. The same verb is also used when talking about adding numbers together in basic arithmetic.

In the next phrase, she says, “食べないと溶けちゃうよ” (see vocabulary below for kana reading).  There are two grammar points rolled up in this one phrase. The first grammar point takes the form “If A, then B”, and is expressed as two related phrases (A and B) separated by “と”.  You can think of A as a condition, and B as a result if condition A is met.  For example:

“寝ないと後悔するよ” (ねないとこうかいする) → ”If I don’t sleep, I’ll regret it”.  In my experience, condition A is often negative, as this construct appears a lot when informing someone about the consequences of their actions, or inaction (^^;

The next grammar appears in the same phrase: 溶けちゃう(とけちゃう).  The 〜しちゃう ending is the informal version of the construct 〜してしまう.  It’s hard to provide a direct translation, but when verbs take this form, it commonly takes on two general meanings.

  • To express a nuance of regret.  For example, 全部食べちゃった(ぜんぶたべちゃった)→ ”I (regretfully) ate it all”.  In Takamina’s case, she talks about the ice that will 溶けちゃう, or that the ice will regretfully melt.
  • to end doing something unwilling, to can’t help but do something.  For example, “あの顔すると、笑っちゃう” → ”When you make that face, I can’t help but laugh”.

Lastly, after eater the cold shaved ice, she says, “キンとする”, which is another way of saying, “I’ve got a brain freeze!”  There is another commonly related phrase, 頭キンキン which just means “brain freeze”.

As usually, transcripts and vocabulary follow.







kiss scene



  • 足す(たす) → to add. Also used in talking about adding numbers.
  • 思い切って(おもいきって) → daringly, bold, without consequence.
  • 溶ける(とける) → to melt
  • 〜しちゃう、〜してしまう → to end up doing, can’t help but doing, to do something regretfully or against one’s will
  • キンとする → brain freeze!


Like usually, I have the habit of posting random pictures of the AKB member in question when I do these types of posts.  And this is obviously no different (^^  Enjoy!

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