Kawaei Rina

Kawaei Rina’s 2014 6th Senbatsu speech (English Subtitles)

Here is Kawaei RIna’s speech, with English subtitles, from the AKB48 2014 6th Senbatsu General Election.

This is old news, but I made this post for historical / archive purposes.  Please enjoy it! (^^

Just a month or so before the election took place, Rina and Iriyama Anna were attacked during a handshaking event — this is the incident that is often referred to in a few of the 2014’s speeches, as rumors were flying around about handshaking events being cancelled, changed, etc.  Her appearance is made more dramatic by the fact that she was not scheduled to appear (Iriyama Anna was notably absent, and made an appearance by phone).

Kawaei Rina ranked #16, the first time she has ranked in the senbatsu (a group consisting of the top 16 members).  She partially attributes the possibility of her increased rank to her involvement with the aforementioned incident.  In the previously year, she ranked 25th as part of the undergirls group.

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