Shimada Haruka

Shimada Haruka AKB 1/149 confession gameplay

Here is Shimada Haruka’s confession, with English subtitles, from the video game AKB 1/149 Renai Sousenkyo (Love Election).

After the acceptance, and her initial expletives, she uses the phrase, “見る目あるっていうか”. Japanese language has the quality such that verbs can modify nouns by simply placing the verb before the noun. For example:

  • 歌ってる女の子 → girl who is singing
  • 食べれる物 → something that can be eaten
  • ダンスする女たち → dancing girls

In the case, Shimada uses 見る目, which literally translates to “eye that sees”, means a discerning eye; the complete phrase, 見る目ある, means to have a discerning eye (i.e. good judgment or being able to make good intuition when choosing something).  In the context of relationships, Shimada is saying that her judgment was correct in picking you as a boyfriend 🙂

Right after, she says, “っていうか”, which doesn’t really have a good direct translation, means something like, “Maybe….” or, “Perhaps it’s better to say…”, or “Something like…”.  In this case, Shimada says, “見る目あるっていうか”, in which she she’s saying something akin too, “It’s as if I have a discerning eye.”  There’s a bit of implied unsureness here.  It could also be used when you’re not sure if you’re choosing the correct words, or are having a hard time describing something.

Another usage of “っていうか” is to imply doubt.  For example:

  • あのお店は中華料理っていうか… → That restaurant is Chinese food (… but, not really. i.e. it’s bad!).

Full transcript as follows:






kiss scene


While looking for Shimada’s photos online, a lot of them are not very flattering (^^;  Anyway, enjoy!

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