oba mina, 大場美奈

Oba Mina AKB 1/149 ending confession gameplay

Here is  Oba Mina’s confession ending scene, with English subtitles, from the video game AKB 1/149 Renai Sousenkyo Love Election.

There is one small part of the dialogue which doesn’t make sense without the context of the last date. Oba Mina uses the phrase, 償う(つぐなう, tsugunau), which means something like, “to make up for”; for example, you’ve done something wrong and you do something to apologize for that wrong (other than a straight out apology). Here Mina suggests that you having fun at the theater performance makes up for something wrong she has done to you previously.

Lastly, before the before, she asks you to wait by using the phrase; ~待っててほしい(まっててほしい, mattete hoshi). The more generalized form of this verb is: ~してほしい. This construct is used when you want someone to do something for you. It’s similar to ~して下さい, when asking for favors, but in my experience, feels a slight bit “softer” and more informal. It does however have a slight nuance difference, for example:

これを食べて下さい → Please eat this

これを食べてほしい → I want you to eat this

It’s a slight, but nonetheless notable difference.

The complete transcript for this confession,, with inline English translations, is included below:

Thanks today for coming to see my team.

Did you have fun? Great!

I wonder if I’ve made it up to you?

I love you! But… I can’t go out with anyone.

Because there’s someone who’s placed their trust in me…

I know this is shameless of me,

One day, until that time comes, I want you to wait for me.

Well… is that okay?



I’m glad I fell in love with you.


I thought so. Maybe this is for the best?

Relevant vocabulary

  • 図々しい(ずうずずしい、zuu zuu shii) → shameless
  • 償う(つぐなう, tsugunau) → to make up for

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