Watanabe Miyuki, Milky, Megane

NMB48’s Watanabe Miyuki Room introduction

Ever wonder what Milky’s room is like? Here’s one in a series of room intros by NMB48 members.

I’m not sure how I happened upon this series, but here it is.  This seems to be part of an entire series of room introduction videos by members of NMB48.  This video is Watanabe Miyuki’s room introduction.

Other videos in this series:

Author: jerry

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  • Jack

    I like these vids. In their natural habitat.
    Oppai. Lol.

    • lol, natural habitat? 🙂 I like the room intros too; I only did a few of them though, and too bad it’s limited to just NMB48!

  • Felicia Li

    wish you have Sayanee’s!

  • It would be better if they were getting fucked in their rooms.