Kato Rena, Renacchi, 加藤玲奈

Kato Rena AKB 1/149 ending confession gameplay

Here is Kato Rena’s confession ending scene, with English subtitles, from the video game AKB 1/149 Renai Sousenkyo Love Election.

There’s not a lot of difficult grammar here; a lot can be picked up by the nuance of the vocabulary words. For example, she says: いろいろ知りたい(いろいろしりたい、iro iro shiritai) → There’s a lot I want to know. The literal meaning of いろいろ is “many”, or “various”. Another possible example usage is:

いろいろ食べたい → There are many, various things I want to eat.

The literal translation sounds kinda funny: “I want to eat various”. So, part of learning Japanese is insinuating meanings that don’t work in literal translations. Not sure if that makes any sense, but you’ll get the hang of it with experience that word-by-word translations aren’t too useful 🙂

Another interesting word is 国語(こくご、koku go), which literally means “country language”, or national language. Since we’re speaking Japanese, this term refers to study of Japanese language (in Japan’s school system). This is why “koku-go” is translated as “Japanese”.

If you can’t make it out, she uses a variety of English words, and her confession line is also in English! Albeit with a bit of a Japanese accent.

Translation is as follows:

「absent from…」本当だ、あってる。
“absent from…”. Really, that’s correct.

You really can study. Hmm!

So, what other studies will you teach me?

There’s a lot that I want to know.

「Because I love you」。

Sounds good! Next is…. Japanese? Math? Or….?

I’m so stupid, aren’t i?

Will you let me be alone for a while?

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