Motomura Aoi,本村碧唯

Motomura Aoi AKB 1/149 confession ending gameplay

Here is Motomura Aoi’s confession, with English subtitles, from the video games AKB 1/149 Renai Sousenkyo Love Election.

There is nothing in particular that sticks out here in terms of grammar or vocabulary; however, please note Aoi-tan’s occasionally use of Hakata dialect (博多弁).

ただの友達やけん → standard dialect is: ただの友達だもん。

The ending もん is kind of interesting. Similar to how よ or ね changes the tone of the sentence implicitly, adding もん seems to (in my experience anyway) express a sense of dissatisfaction. Please also that note that 〜もん is a casual from of 〜もの. In this case, Aoi is expressing here dissatisfaction that you two are only just friends 😉

Lastly, she says the ever common phrase: よろしくお願いします(yoroshiku onegai shimasu). This phrase is ever problematic, precisely because there’s no real English equivalent, and can vary widely depending on the context. In this instance, having just acceptance her confession, one can infer that she is asking for your kindness in your upcoming relationship. So, I translated this as: “Please be kind to me”.

Here is the transcript with inline translations:

I have to go. There’s also a performance.

I wonder when we’ll meet again?

Ah… I don’t want to go home.

Hey… shall we go together?

That’s impossible, right? Since we’re just friends. I’m going, okay?

Umm, hey. Actually… please make me your girlfriend!


Please be kind to me!

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