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Which AKB members will still be around in 20 years?

A top 10 ranking gathers opinions about AKB48 member’s ability to remain popular in Japan’s celebrity world. The top 10 ranking comes courtesy of TV Show AKB Shirabe, which aired in mid March 2015.

The question asked in this survey was: “Who looks like they’ll still be around in 20 years time?” Here are the results, as well as a few opinions of the surveyed members.

10. Matsui Jurina

  • “She’s been acting, and appeared in many variety shows, and she has lots of different hobbies.”

9. Umeda Ayaka

  • “She has a lots of connections.”
  • “As a person, she’s very kind, so it seems like people naturally gather around her”

8. Kashiwagi Yuki

  • “She’s almighty, and can do anything!”
  • “She’s seems like Matsuda Seiko – even as she gets older, she’ll still be a beautiful woman.”

7. Sakaguchi Riko

  • “She thinks a lot about the future.”
  • “She’s a really good listener, so it seems like she’d be really popular, right?”
  • “A fortune teller told me that I’d be successful in the entertainment business. So I’m thinking about many things.”

6. Yamada Nana

  • “Even now, she has the aura of a mother. It looks like she’d do well on variety shows.”

5. Watanabe Miyuki

  • “She’d stubbornly last long.”
  • “Her power to sell herself is amazing.”

4. Yamamoto Sayaka

  • “She can do anything.”
  • “She’s good at singer, so she’ll becoming a performing artist.”
  • “It’s because she has such a strong presence.”

3. Takahashi Minami

  • “She’ll appear in educational TV shows, and become something like a politician.”
  • “It looks like she’ll becoming a popular celebrity mother.”
  • “She’ll have lots of kids. Like 4 or 5 of them.”

2. Kojima Haruna

  • “It seems like she’d be popular overseas.”
  • “Her aura is amazing.”
  • “She’d be popular in variety TV shows, like Imori Miyuki.”

1. Sashihara Rino

  • “She’s become a very monumental figure. She’ll be fine, even by herself.”
  • “Seems like she’d still be around even as an old lady. Her face wouldn’t even change.”
  • “She’s very smart and calculating.”

The only member I hadn’t heard of before was Sagaguchi Riko (HKT48). With the rest of the list, can’t say I’m terribly surprised. We’ll all find out in 20 years time!

Author: reika

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