Minegishi Minami, Nishino Miki, Downtown DX

Minegishi & Nishino’s TV appearance grabs top ratings

AKB48’s Minegishi Minami and Nishino Miki recently made an appearance on variety TV show called Downtown DX. According to television studio, viewer ratings topped over 15%.To provide some perspective, Oshima Yuko’s appearance in currently airing drama Yamegoku had about 6.1% viewership.

Here is the relevant tweet from YTV marketing, which mentions that the May 28th airing of Downtown DX was #1 when it aired in the Kantou and Kansai region about 10pm local time.

As one Nishino Miki user so humbly notes: “Considering there are about 20 million people living in the Kansai area, that means 15%, or about 3 million people now know about Nishino Miki!” Not the least of which, that includes Minegishi Minami!

Source: http://chikakb.ldblog.jp/archives/44971199.html

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