NMB48 Made in China

NMB48: Made in China?!

Some subtle irony, and moment of reflection, as we consider the makings of an originally Japanese-made idol gorup. This comes courtesy of Kinoshita Konomi, part of NMB48’s Team B II.

Originally, she had posted this picture on twitter because she accidentally took home one of NMB48’s uniforms… only to find she had grabbed the wrong one. Very innocent to say the least. However, there’s been a funny reaction online to the label she posted, which clearly states, “Made In China”.

An extremely popular Japanese idol group… made in China!

Not really a big deal, honestly, but interesting reactions on line, such as:

  • “It’s not like they don’t have money…”
  • “Chinese come here to buy Japanese-made goods, and we use Chinese made goods. Weird”.

Don’t worry, Sayanee — even if you wear shirts made in China, I still love you.

Here is the original Tweet.

Source: http://nmbx48.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-6114.html

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