AKB48 Beautiful Butts Ranking. Yeah.

Another wonderful bit of research from the TV show AKB Shirabe, and consequently covered by AOL Japan.  Who has the most beautiful butt in AKB48?  Look no further than here for the answer!

I am definitely cleaning out my to-read list from my RSS reader! This comes courtesy an AKB Shirabe episode which are in late March. But first, a Japanese lesson!

魅力的miryoku-teki) → charming, fascinating, attractive

This is an adjective. And here, it is used to describe butts. But not just any butts: the butts of AKB48 members. As the article goes on to state, we’ve all seen our fair share of AKB48 butts, courtesy of the many gravure photographs that many popular AKB members partake in.

While the original article does not provide any visual evidence of said butts, I’ve gone ahead and scoured the internet for some photographic proof. For science. You’re welcome. Without further adieu, here are the results.

1. Watanabe Mayu. 渡辺 麻友(21・AKB48)

Mayuyu Butt

2. Watanabe Miyuki. 渡辺美優紀(21・NMB48/SKE48)

Milky Butt

3. Matsuoka Natsumi. 松岡 菜摘(18・HKT48)

Matsuoka Butt

4. Hirata Rina. 平田 梨奈(16・AKB48)

Hilary Butt

5. Kojima Haruna. 小嶋 陽菜(26・AKB48)

Kojiharu Butt

6. Jonishi Kei. 上西 恵(20・NMB48)

Keichi Butt

7. Yamamoto Sayaka. 山本 彩(21・NMB48)

Sayanee Butt

8. Anai Chihiro. 穴井 千尋(19・HKT48)

Chihiro Butt

9. Furuhata Nao. 古畑 奈和(18・SKE48)

Nao Butt

10. Kizaki Yuria. 木崎ゆりあ(19・AKB48)

Yuria Butt

Okay, seriously, that’s enough “research” for today!

Source: http://news.aol.jp/2015/03/27/akb48/

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