Watanabe Mayu

Mayuyu says, “Wait a second mister!!”

Popular phrases from Japanese comedy acts appear in AKB backstage life. But seriously, who wouldn’t wait for Mayuyu!?

First, a Japanese lesson!

  • ちょっと待って、お兄さんchotto matte oniisan) → ”Wait a second, mister”.

Here is Mayuyu telling to wait for her:

This is actually a reference to a very popular Japanese manzai duo named, “8.6 Second Bazooka” (8.6秒バズーカー). Their act is less like a traditional comedy and more like a very well rehearsed catchy song. It’s really have to describe, so here’s a video:

They say some meaningless word (ラッスンゴレライ, “rassun gorerai”), and the whole act is about one asking the other what it means, and the other giving some silly answers. After the nonsense answer, the other guy always says, “Wait a second, mister!” It’s kinda of nonsense, but guess that’s what makes it so funny.

You might also notice that Mayuyu’s imitation is not so good! But anyway, quite catchy right?

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