The AKB Otaku stereotype according to Japanese TV

Japanese culture is rife with stereotypes, and otaku are no exception.  Have you ever wondered what the image of a typical AKB otaku is like?  A Japanese TV show provides the answer… implicitly!

Ariyoshi Hansei-Kai is a TV show hosted by a popular “poison tongue” talent Ariyoshi Hiroiki; the television show features celebrities and non-celebrities alike who are reflecting on past wrongs and seeking advice from Ariyoshi (who, despite his “poison tongue” nature, mostly offers very good advice).  Recently, the show featured AKB member Tanabe Miku, part of the 3rd generation.  Unlike other very successful members of AKB’s 3rd generation (Watanabe Mayu, Kashiwagi Yuki), Tanabe’s career never quite took off.

As is common in Japanese TV shows, on screen graphics and subs appear quite frequently.  Here’s what they came up with to depict an AKB fan:

Tanabe Miku, AKB Otaku

Here is a closer look!

AKB Otaku Fan

Does this look like you!?


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