Nogizaka 46 Documentary announced and fans complain

Nogizaka 46 documentary was announced recently and is scheduled for a nationwide road show on July 10th, and is entitled, “Kanashimi no Wasurekata Documentary of Nogizaka46” (“How to Forget Sadness: Documentary of Nogizaka46”). The documentary touches on some of the group’s most controversial problems, which seemed to incite some fans.

The documentary touches on the past issues and problems of its current members. More specifically, it also touches upon the various scandals which have befallen its members, most notably the supposedly unfair treatment with regards to Matsumura Sayuri. Unfair in the sense that she seems to have gotten preferential treatment because she is a relatively popular member. Most notably, former member Yamato Rina was caught in scandal where she was caught dating a guy and also involved in underage drinking. She was terminated from the group in December 2014. Unlike Yamato, Matsumura still remains.

For Matsumura’s scandal, she was involved with a man who was married with children. Some of the tabloid photos as follows:

matsumura sayuri scandal

matsumura sayuri scandal

With regards to how the movie’s producers plan to incorporate Matsumura’s story, some of the responses online haven’t been pleasant:

  • “You shouldn’t turn adultery into some kind of beautiful story”「不倫は美談にしちゃいかんだろ」
  • “It’s pretty shameless to turn such controversy into a movie”「映画で騒動をネタにするって図太すぎ」
  • “Matsumura is the wrong hear; but this makes it look like everyone ignored her was a bad person”「悪いのはルール違反した松村なのにシカトしてるメンバーが悪者みたいじゃん」
  • “Ikoma-chan was cornered when she accepted her concurrent position; but the fact that no one says anything about Matsumura is ridiculous.”「生駒ちゃんの兼任が散々責められたのに、松村には何も言えない理不尽」
  • “You can’t make anything sentimental about adultery and publicly kissing in the street.”「不倫路チューに感動する要素なんてないだろ」
  • “No matter how you spin it, management’s reaction has just too ridiculous”「どういじっても、運営の対応が酷すぎたからなあ…」

In response to including Matsumura’s parents in the documentary, onlookers went on to speak their mind:

  • “If you involve her family, it’ll be hard to criticize her”「親子の感動話にされたら批判しにくくなる」
  • “Cowards.”「卑怯」

In response, the movie’s staff went on to say: “With regards to the theme of family love, this is something that is very different from the AKB documentaries.  Since Nogizaka is AKB’s rival group, we can’t have them be too similar.  Thus, we had no intent to protect Matsumura with this theme.  Rather, there was much controversy on the management side to make a fair decision, and what happened really couldn’t be helped.”

Personally, I can’t wait to see this documentary!  Here are some of the  stills and highlights:

Nogizaka 46 Documentary 01

Nogizaka 46 Documentary 02

Nogizaka 46 Documentary 04

Nogizaka 46 Documentary 05

Nogizaka 46 Documentary 06

Nogizaka 46 Documentary 07

Nogizaka 46 Documentary 08



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