Shimada Haruka says: “$200,000 yearly salary is necessary”

A relatively new TV shows which asks serious questions, and gives us a look into the values and beliefs of it’s guest. Recently, the show’s theme was, “Is it really true that you can be happy without money?”

The show is called “Bokura ga Kangaeru Yoru” (僕らが考える夜). I’ve only seen it a few times, but the show’s basic format is: each night, there is a theme in the form of a difficult or controversial question. One recent episode’s theme was “Is it really true that you can be happy without money?” (お金がなくても、幸せって本当ですか?).

When Shimada Haruka is asked about her feedback about this question, she answers with 20,000,000 (2000万円) per year, or about $200,000 USD. Keep in mind that the average salary in Japan is about 300,000 yen (or about $2500 US) per month. Many commentators were surprised at such a large amount!


Some of the comments:

  • “Shimada’s family Ryokan must be doing very well!” (Shimada’s parents run a Japanese-style Inn or “Ryoukan”.
  • “At least this isn’t like Shibata Angelica who says that $500,000 / year is necessary. Stay innocent Shimada!”
  • “Wow, that’s quite a goal. What kind of life are you living?!”
  • “There isn’t anyone with $200K salary who will marry her!”

Someone also posted Yokoyama Yui’s answer (from a different TV show):

Yokoyama Yui

480万円, or about $40,000 / year.  It’s also nice she used 48 😀

I guess everyone has different values about money!


Author: reika

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