Yamamoto Sayaka

Yamamoto Sayaka: “I’ve never had more than 3 days off”

A recent article highlights some interesting facts about Sayanee’s stoic nature as broadcasted from TV show, Another Sky.

Some of the of the most interesting facts from the show:

  • “Ever since I got in NMB48, I’ve never rested more than 3 days. When I get home, I lay down and fall asleep right away.”
  • She will sometimes surprise people by appearing randomly at the AKB48 official shop.
  • Some months, she will not have a single day off.
  • About being captain, she says, “As captain, while you might need to think about yourself, you also must think about other members. You can’t let the other girls feel under pressure”

And accordingly, the reactions online from some commentators:

  • As a human being, she’s too perfect! 「人としてできすぎでしょ」
  • I feel so touched.「感動した」
  • This really leaves heartfelt impression on working people.「働いている人は余計に身に染みる回だな」
  • She’s too cool! 「かっこよすぎるだろ!」
  • She’s very self aware.「意識高いなぁ」
  • My gawd, I’ve been inspired by Yamamoto Sayaka.「やばい、アナザースカイの山本彩にインスパイアされる」
  • Respect. Touched.「尊敬。感動。」

After it aired, Yamamto Sayaka tweeted about her appearance on the show:

Edit: added Twitter post translation 😉

To everyone who watched Another Sky, thank you very much. Before I entered NMB, I had a lot going on, but I’m so glad to be part of NMB now. To all the members and fans whom I’ve met.. and to be able to stand on a music stage, I’m so happy, and have fun everyday.

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Source: http://syamamoto.seesaa.net/article/419842237.html

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