AKB Team 8

Why aren’t you interested in AKB Team 8?

Team 8 is AKB48’s most newly formed team.  A recent thread on 2ch poses the simple question: why aren’t you interested in AKB48’s Team 8?

Team 8 started out as an official collaboration with car-maker Toyota.  While AKB48’s concept is, “Idols you can meet”, Team 8’s concept takes a slightly different twist: “Idols who go to meet you”.  The team has 47 members, one member from each of Japan’s 27 prefectures.

Here’s what commentators had to say about Team 8:

  • That’s not AKB.
  • They’re too childish. That’s the same reason I don’t like SKE 7th generation.
  • No one has an aura.
  • They don’t really have a story.
  • There are too many of them. They’re just a bunch of kids, and it’s tiring trying to remember all of them.
  • They don’t have the 48G feel.
  • It’s like they’re an entirely different group. They have this image of being troublesome too.

I personally didn’t care for their debut song Koi-suru Juuden Prius (undoubtedly to appease their Toyota sponsors). I don’t know enough about group 8, but perhaps the group will grow over time.

Author: reika

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  • h36113

    I don´t think this is entirely true.
    I met japanese fans that are most interested in Team 8 and 4 (in that order).
    So maybe Team 8 and 4 are the most favored teams right now, but the most favored members are in other teams.

    At elections in Germany you get to give 1 vote to your preferred party and 1 vote to your favoured politician.
    If that wood have been the case at AKBs ssk, I think Team 8 might have won the cup.

    • Certainly you may be correct. Also, I forgot to include a source article, so this is not entirely my opinion 🙂 But it could be my bias, because I am not so familiar with Team 8…. indeed, if someone were to ask me about a Team 8 member, I wouldn’t know what to say! Also, are you a Team 8 fan?

      Yeah, that is the funny thing about real elections VS. the AKB ones. I think most countries you can only vote once (?? not sure), otherwise people might break the system by voting multiple times. This seems to be what happened to the AKB ssks, unfortunately.

  • h36113

    I heard you can vote multiple times in Russia: your party wents to villages, old-folks-homes, hospitals and collects the votes.

    I´m not a real Team 8 fan, but I like them. But can´t recognized any of them, still trying to separate NakoMiku. 🙁
    Maybe, as a request for translation of a video that deserves it: can you take a look at this https://youtu.be/9aJi47Fvunk
    She visited Germany in early May for 24 hours race on Nurburgring.

  • fransfebri

    I’m just curious about something when I watched a clip in AKBINGO where Team 8 perform… Do they have a captain? If they don’t have an official captain, then maybe an unofficial leader? Surely with that many member, someone must lead them? or somebody from the management leading them?

    • MyNameIsFire

      I think they said once that Ota Nao acts as their (unofficial) leader or captain since she’s the oldest.