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Morning Musume sold CDs. AKB sells handshake tickets

With the every booming popularity of AKB48, and with upcoming election, a recent 2ch thread points out a shift in the focus on the idol industry, while waxing poetic about last generations great idol group, Morning Musume.  Are you nostalgic about the old days? I certainly am.

The thread starts out with a picture of Goto Maki, aged 13 at the time. Someone then points out: “Love Machine didn’t have a hand shaking ticket, and it sold a million copies”. But alas, someone countered that by point out: “Morning Musume 7th Single, Love Machine, did indeed a special promo and handshaking event” (Source: Someone else later replies that this was the last time that Morning Musume had such an event.

The thread continues one:

  • “How many million-seller songs does Morning Musume have?”
  • “The Morning Musume that sang Love Machine is not the Morning Musume we know today.”
  • “You can’t really compare past sales with current sales”
  • “Is the current Morning Musume selling well?”
  • “It would be great if they sold well.”
  • “Morning Musume don’t sell CDs, it was records, right?”
  • “No way, HKT is way better!”
  • “People talking about the old days — how long have you been an idol otaku?!”
  • “What’s wrong with having a handshake ticket with a CD?”
  • “Heavy Rotation sold over a million digitally. That doesn’t have a handshake ticket.”

Like many internet debates, it quickly falls apart afterwards, and dissipates into nostalgia for the old Morning Musume. I can definitely relate here. I even have nostalgia about the old days of AKB48!

Oddly enough, the thread opens with a picture of Goto Maki when she was 13 years old. Just for kicks, here’s a picture of Maki-chan in her prime!

Goto Maki

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  • Guest

    That MM from a different time where people still buy CDs and industry can sell millions each week. Even MM now do events and gimmicks to help sell their CDs. Different time. You can’t compare

    • I forgot to include the source article, so the opinion is not entirely mine 🙂 But, yes, you make a good point. I think most paper in the original thread probably remember MM from their very popular days and just compare like that.

      Is MM really selling these types of events also? I guess that is just natural change of the idol industry from the past.