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University Professor analyzes and predicts AKB election

Ishii Akira, a professor at Totori University, Graduate School of Engineering, uses a mathematical computer model to predict this years AKB 7th Senbatsu General Election. Wow.

The software uses a mathematically model originally meant to predict the results of movie sales (yes, apparently this is a thing).  While the details of the model are beyond the scope of this article, the model somehow takes into account the following metrics:

  1. Fan reactions to their oshimen
  2. Member popularity
  3. Television appearances, and reactions to their announcements.

It would seem that these metrics can be gleaned from the internet through blogs and twitter.

What is very interesting is that Professor Ishii used the same model in last year’s AKB election, and it correctly predicted Mayuyu’s ascension to #1.  Just a coincidence?!  Anyhow, here are the professor’s predictions for the top 7:

  1. Kashiwagi Yuki. 柏木由紀
  2. Watanabe Mayu. 渡辺麻友
  3. Sashihara Rino. 指原莉乃
  4. Yamamoto Sayaka. 山本彩
  5. Matsui Jurina. 松井珠理奈
  6. Shimazaki Haruka. 島崎遥香
  7. Takahashi Minami. 高橋みなみ

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