Yokoyama Yui

Yokoyama Yui votes for herself 4 times

The AKB48 election is almost here, and with the recent preliminary vote counts, some are already speculating.  Yokoyama Yui ranked 20th, and talks about what she did after she heard the initial results.

At at event to promote the DVD release of Yokoyama’s TV show, “Kyoto Irodori Diary” (横山由依がはんなり巡る京都いろどり日記), Yui-han talks a little bit about the upcoming AKB48 Group Election, and with regards to her placement at 20th.

  • “I feel a sense of impending doom and anxiety. After the preliminary result, I voted for myself 4 times” (危機感はすごく感じていて不安もある。速報の後に自分で4票入れました)

After which she laughs, and then adds:

  • “Now, I just have to trust my fans” (あとはファンの方を信じるだけ)

The number seems to change, as some places have reported she voted for herself 1 time, or 5 times.  Regardless of her rank, I hope she is up to the challenge of filling Takahashi Minami’s shoes as Soukantoku (General Manager).

Source: http://www.tokyo-sports.co.jp/entame/entertainment/405848/

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  • Jack

    I would have voted more for her if I had the money 🙁

    • hey I know how you feel. But its your support that matters to most!