Sashihara Rino

Japanese bloggers predict election: Sasshi at #1

With regards to the 2015 7th Senbatsu General Election, Ameba asks Japanese bloggers: “Who do you think will take #1”?

Ameba is an extremely popular Japanese blogging and social networking service. Their survey took place in mid May, from the 16th to the 19th, and has a sample size of about 600 Japanese bloggers.  The results were as follows, followed by several of the reasons that bloggers voted for this particular member:

  1. Sashihara Rino.

    “I like how she never feels hatred toward anyone.”
    “I love how, unlike other idols, she always speaks her mind.”
    “She got me interested in HKT, so I want her to be #1”

  2. Takahashi Minami

    “It’s her last, so I want to see her at #1”
    “As General Manager, I want to express my thanks, along with everyone else!”

  3. Watanabe Mayu

    “I want her to be the first to take #1 twice in a row.”

  4. Kashiwagi Yuki

    “She’s announced her intention to take #1. I believe in her fans.”

  5. Yamamoto Sayaka

    “I want to believe in her being #1”


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