Sousenkyo Themed Bus Takes you to the Election

Super cool, or super nerdy? Or… super otaku?!  The Yahoo Auction Dome, in Fukuoka City, is a little ways off from the nearest train station. So, ride the official bus of sousenkyo dreams to take you there!

Obviously, this is a temporary bus.  In my personal experience, even the nearest train station is about a 20+ minute walk to get to the Yahoo Auction Dome, where the AKB 2015 7th Senbatsu Sousenkyo General Election is taking place.  And there are some neat features!

The front facing sign, which usually shows the destination, has the following phrase instead: “Hey Everyone, who do you love?”  It is also written in Fukuoka dialect.

The side of the bus, which normally shows the list of upcoming stops, now shows a consecutive list of past Election winners.

Oshima Yuko → Sashihara Rino → Watanabe Mayu → ???

Of course, a big question mark remains for this year’s winner.  Here are the photos:










Author: reika

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