Kojima-Haruna, 小嶋陽菜

Kojima Haruna’s surprise visit to AKB Cafe in Fukuoka

Kojiharu makes a surprise visit to the official AKB48 Cafe & Shop in Fukuoka. What fans are greeted with a surprisingly reckless and casually dressed Kojiharu.

With the recent senbatsu election occurring in Kyushu’s Fukuoka city, Kojima Haruna decides to leave her mark in one of the most sacred of all AKB otaku locations: the official AKB48 Care & Shop in Fukuoka, which was covered in one of Jerry’s previous articles.

A 2ch thread apparently starts off with one commentator saying, “Oh my god! I was just waiting for my order at the cafe, Kojiharu came!” (やばいってー!カフェでオーダー待ってたらこじはるきた(^O^)).

The proof is in a hastily taken cell phone picture, and a picture of Kojiharu’s autographed sign posted on the wall with date (a common thing when AKB members visit the official shops):

Kojima Haruna, casual
A very casually dressed Kojima Haruna.
Kojima Haruna sign

With this being Fukuoka, Kojiharu’s message was simply one word: “Mentaiko”. Not to be confused with Murashige Anna’s silly gag, mentaiko is one of Fukuoka’s well-known local specialties.

What follows is a very interesting smattering of funny opinions and comments:

  • Mentaiko? lol
  • She must have a lot of time, haha.
  • What’s up with her clothes? Did she just walk from Tokyo?
  • Wow, her clothes is pretty rough.
  • Kojima, The Hitch Hiker
  • I totally wouldn’t be nervous around her.
  • It’s like she’s traveling.
  • She’s so reckless.
  • I guess she’s feeling pretty free & easy, not being part of the election

Instagram posts seem to confirm that it was indeed her because of the same clothing:

Kojiharu Senbatsu

Kojiharu Senbatsu 01

Reckless?  More like awesome!

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