Muto Tomu, AKB Sousenkyo Election

Muto Tomu’s 2015 7th Senbatsu speech (English subtitles)

Here is Muto Tomu’s speech for the 16th position from the 2015 AKB48 41st Single 7th Senbatsu Sousenkyo General Election.

I’m Muto Tomu from AKB48, Team K. Thank you very very much for 16th place! My heart is overflowing, and since this is the first time for me to stand here and talk, I really don’t know what to say… but, I’m really happy! Yes.

Four years ago, I entered AKB48 as a 12th generation research student. At that time, whenever we talked amongst ourselves about quitting, it felt I was usually being told I’d be first to quit.

But, in my first election, I was the center future girls. The next year, in the next girls. Then last year, the undergirls. Then…this year, I was able to enter the 16-person senbatsu. Thank you very much.

Amongst AKB48 staff and fans, there are some people who call this a “festival”. But I don’t believe that.

The AKB48 election, for me, is the one time per year to seize an opportunity.

For someone like me, a member who was not expected to do well, this yearly one-time event is the chance to have my name remembered, and to have my existence known.

Therefore, right now, for other members like me who were not expected to well, together with all of you fans, if we come together and work toward a common goal, we can grab the light. I think that I am proof of this.

In the AKB48 group, there are many shining members, in places such as the theater, which you haven’t found yet.

So, just like me… like me? It might be weird to say that, I’d believe I’ve shown that anyone can seize this chance and see the light. So, to all the fans and other members, I don’t want you to give up. I think, there are a lot of people thinking, “who are you?!” I felt the same way… thanks… Anyway, that’s what I wish for everyone.

Probably, those shining members, rather than being seen by other members and staff, I think fans know us better than anyone else… So, I’d like the fans to keep supporting the 48 groups.

選抜…そうですね… 今まで、32人選抜にしかなったことがなくて、16人選抜というのは、私にとって初めての経験になります。
Senbatsu, yeah… up until now, I’ve only been part of the 32 person senbatsu. For me, this is the first time being part of the top 16.

選抜… うーん。今までとは、やっぱり全然違うと思います。今までも、49位、45位、24位と…素敵な順位をいただきました。
Senbatsu… hmm, up until now it’s totally different. Until now, I’ve been 29th, 25th, and 24th.

But, really, 16th is really special. Really different, because being in the top 16 means becoming the face of AKB. I can’t say I’m not uneasy. Even now, I can’t believe I’m talking here, my hands are shaking, I’m so scared.

But, like this, when I think about the fans who supported me, I’m able to try my best and move forward. To all those who supporting me, those who voted for me, my family who supported me, friends, acquaintances and those close to me, and of course all of you, really, thank you very much!

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    she is new face to me…. her name is can be spelled from backward and forward. Mu-To… then To-Mu… hahaha… she is beautiful…