Sasshi, Sashihara RIno

Idols aged 22 years are elderly

Sashihara Rino provides her opinions about the shelf life of idols, and a recent 2ch threads follows up with their responses about the “appropriate” age range of idols.

First off, the three appropriate age ranges of idols, according to Sashihara Rino:

Sashihara Rino, age of idols 01

“16 years old is young”

Sashihara Rino, age of idols 02

“18 years old is middle aged”

Sashihara Rino, age of idols 03

“22 years old is elderly!”

In a sense, I can see where she’s going here, but the most notable exception I can recall is Shinoda Mariko, who didn’t enter AKB until she was 19 years old, and she was 27 years old when she graduated a few years back.  Kojima Haruna, also still a member of AKB, is also 27 years old.

One might be hard pressed to call her elderly, but denizens of 2ch are quick to point out the exceptions as well:

  • Shibata, Takayanagi, Matsumura are all zombies! (柴田とか高柳とか松村はゾンビかよ)
  • This is the first time Sasshi has started saying random crap. (指原の適当発言は今に始まったことじゃない)
  • Nyan and Ume-chan are living off of mist.. (にゃんさんとか梅ちゃんは霞を食べて生きてるレベル)
  • I guess I’ll join the senate at 24 years old. (24歳になると元老院入りします)
  • For idols, this is really normal (アイドルってそういうもんでっせ普通)
  • Kojimaki just turned 18 yesterday. Middle aged, huh… (こじまこ(昨日で18)で中堅なのか)
  • So, I guess this is how it goes. 1st – 7th gen: fossils. 9th-11th gen: veterans. 12th-14th gen: middle aged. 15th gen, 1-2nd gen draft: young. (もうこうなるのかな。1期-7期が化石。9期-11期がベテラン。12期-14期が中堅。15期・ドラフト1期・ドラフト2期が若手)
  • But it seems that most don’t get really popular until their 20’s (でもAKBは20歳越えてから人気がついてくる例が多い)
  • Is this an elderly gathering? (老人会かな?)

With regard to the last statement, one commentator makes note of the ages of ranked members, as below:

  • 1位 22歳
  • 2位 23歳
  • 3位 21歳
  • 4位 18歳
  • 5位 21歳
  • 6位 24歳
  • 7位 21歳
  • 8位 18歳
  • 9位 22歳
  • 10位 23歳
  • 11位 19歳
  • 12位 17歳
  • 13位 24歳
  • 14位 25歳
  • 15位 18歳
  • 16位 23歳

Doing some math, the average age of the senbatsu members is 21.2 years old.  Gathering old oldies indeed!!


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  • Valérie Séguin

    22 is not old… 80 is old.