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Yukirin absent from next handshake event in Sendai. Coincidence?

Yukirin’s absence from a handshaking event in Sendai, along with timing of her latest scandal, send the internet in crazy speculation!

It’s been a crazy few days, even post sousenkyo. What with Matsui Rena announcing her graduation, and Yukirin potentially involved in a scandal, AKB fan netizens can only speculate. The latest mystery? Why is Yukirin absent from the next handshaking event?

The news comes courtesy of the AKB official ameba blog post, which outlined the member lineup for the next handshaking event that is to take place on June 14th, 2015. After the list is posted, there is a post script: “Kashiwagi Yuki will not be participating.” Unusually enough, apparently the line up was announced previously, but the most recent blog post says Kashiwagi’s presence was a “misprint.”


Maybe. Maybe not. That’s what we call a “rumor”. What seems to start this rumor off, more than anything, is Yukirin’s scandal, and the updated misprint, were publicized the very same day within hours of each other. The reactions on a recent 2ch thread to this latest development:

  • Misprint?! LOL. (誤植wwwwwwwwwww)
  • There’s no way that could be a misprint! (誤植するわけないだろ・・・)
  • That’s very conspicuous (露骨だゆ(⊃´-`⊂))
  • Well, this is new. (これは新しい)
  • This is where that attack happened. If something happened, I’d be scared. (だって岩手って事件あった場所だし。これで凸られたら怖いだろ)
  • This is so blatant, I laughed. (あからさますぎワロタwww)
  • I guess misprints can’t be helped. (誤植ならしかたないお)
  • Running, huh? (逃げたのか?)
  • It looks like Mayuyu will have a hard time with people asking about Yukirin (ゆきりんの事聞かれてまゆゆが色々大変そうだな)
  • What cowardice. That can’t be a misprint. There’s no sincerity with that temporary stopover. What’s up with this management?! (卑怯だよな。なにが誤植だよ。その場しのぎだけで誠意がないな。もうこの運営)

Nothing seems to be official yet, aside from Yukirin’s absence from the Sendai handshaking event, but we’ll see how this develops.

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