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AKBingo predicts Kashiwagi Yuki’s future!

AKBingo is well known for its annual Lucky Girl ranking, it which celebrity fortune tellers of various sorts rank the luckiness of AKB members.  Did this years fortune telling correctly predict Yukirin’s run of bad luck?

To be fair, Yukirin has historically been ranked very low in the lucky girl ranking for the last few years:

  • 2012, #140, last place
  • 2013, #140 / 169
  • 2014, #176 / 178

Oddly enough, she’s been able to get by pretty well, in terms of work.  But with recent scandal rumors, and Kashiwagi’s lack of updates on her social media channels, it’s leading people into rounds of speculation.

The other thing to note is that historically, two people have been responsible for the ranking: palm reader, Shimada Shuhei, and astrologer, Getters Iida.  Shuhei’s accuracy has come under scrutiny, after he predicted Sasshihara Rino at last place, and Minegishi in first place; that same year, Minegishi was involved in her most famous scandal, and Sashihara Rino took #1 for the first time.  Ever since then, Getters Iida’s prediction have generally held more credence.

So what did Getters Iida predict for Yukirin this year?

Yukirin, last place ranking

Yukirin, last place ranking
“I have done anything that seems bad in 2015….” Oh, the irony.

Yup, that’s right: dead last.  #268.  Another coincidence?!

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