Tokumitsu Kazuo, AKB Election MC

Fuji TV’s incompetence difficult for AKB Election MCs too

As AKB fans, sometimes we are so focused on the girls themselves, and not the wonderful staff that support them. In a recent 755 post, AKB Cafeteria & Review posts an excerpt from a recent radio show that featured Tokumitsu Kazuo, the regular MC of the AKB Elections, where he talks about the difficulty of running a live event.

The original post is as follows, with English translation afterwards.

AKB48選抜総選挙の司会を担当された徳光和夫さんのコメントが素晴らしい。今朝、放送されたラジオ「徳光和夫 とくモリ!歌謡サタデー」よりその一部を掲載させて頂きます。
Tokumitsu Kazuo, the MC of the AKB48 Election, has made some wonderful commentary. I’ll share with you some portions from a radio show, that aired this morning, called, “Tokumitsu Kazuo toku-mori, kayou Saturday”.

That massive failure at number 80 with Team KIV, I really should have known better (*For those curious, at #80, Tokumitsu-san accidentally said, “Team K One Five”, instead of “Team K4”)

Really, standing for five hours as the MC, it really takes some strength. I wish I had a chair.

In the live broadcast script, there were really insanely detailed direction written down. But, you know, when the girls were doing their speeches, I really couldn’t bring myself to just cut them off.

Even so, in my earphone, the TV director would give me orders. Things like, “Buy us some time here”, or, “Quick, go to the next one”. That was really the most difficult part.

Of course, as a pro myself, I think about the time, and when I tried to step in an cut a speech short, the members would say, “Is it okay if I say one more thing?” Just remembering that makes my heart ache.

With all that, I followed the director’s instructions very well. But during Maeda Atsuko’s speech, they went to commercial! That’s ridiculous. During the broadcast, I heard a lot of criticism regarding that.

Lastly, I just want to say, that I’m an MC for an AKB48 event. I’m not an MC for a live TV broadcast. To all the members, really, thank you for your hard work.

After it was all over, Sashihara Rino, who had become #1, came over to me. She said, “This year too, thanks to you Tokumitsu-san, it was another great election. Thank you very much”. I’ll never forget that kindness. I really admire that about her.

It really sounds like they just need a new director!




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