Kobayashi Yoshinori

Kobayashi Yoshinori not shocked at Yukirin scandal

Kobayashi Yoshinori is a manga artist and writer, well known in Japanese AKB fandom as a very vocal supporter of AKB48.  He even wrote an entire graphic novel about his history with AKB.  Already established as a person with strong opinions on controversial political issues, what’s his stance on the Yukirin scandal?!

Kobayashi sums up his stance very clearly in a most recent of his public blog posts: “I saw Yukirin and Tegoshi’s shocking pictures in Shukan Bunshu; I also read the article.  At best, I ignored it.  I can’t be shocked anymore. ” (「週刊文春」で柏木由紀と手越の衝撃的な写真を見て、記事も読んだ。どうせスルーだろう。もうショックも受けなくなった。)

He then goes on to mention Watanabe Mayu: “It seems that Mayuyu is the most trustworthy one after all.” (やっぱり渡辺麻友が一番信じられる。)

He talks a little bit about Mayuyu’s new single, and then closes with the following comments: “Everytime we discover new member scandal, my suspicions that other members are doing the same grows much stronger.  Mayuyu’s value just goes up.  This year, let’s support Mayuyu”. (メンバーのスキャンダルが発覚するたびに、どうせ他の子もやってるんだろうという疑いが強くなり、まゆゆの価値だけが上がっていく。今年もまゆゆを応援しよう。)

Tough words, but actually pretty level-headed as far as fan commentary goes about the Kashiwagi Yuki scandal.

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