AKB Wota vs Johnny's Wota

Twitter abounds with angry Tegoshi & Yukirin fans

Some fans are more vocal than others.  Still others are much more extreme.  Some have taken to Twitter, and both AKB and Johnny’s fans alike, bashing on AKB’s Kashiwagi Yuki and Johnny’s Tegoshi Yuya.

A recent 2ch thread starts with some of the sad and angry Twitter responses mentioned Yukirin’s twitter handle:

Yukirin, Twitter hate

“Are you going to quit? You said you liked idols, that’s why you became an idol; yet you can’t protect the rules of your group.  I feel sorry for the junior members who trusted you.”


Yukirin, Twitter hate

“Is this true?  If it’s true, say so; if it’s a lie, please say it is a lie.  I really hate people who aren’t straightforward.”

Yukirin, Twitter hate

“Kashiwagi, you should deny these allegations.  You can’t keep going like that.  Weird rumors are growing.  The source is Bunshu, so please, I want to hear the denial straight from you.  Really, please!”

Yukirin, Twitter hate

“You really betrayed us.  It was really tough after the group date scandal.  I thought everything has going to be okay after your cried at your solo concert, but everything you say from now on just looks like a lie.”

Yukirin, Twitter hate

“Yukirin, if this is true, I’m really sad.  If you want to have relationships, I wish you’d have graduated first.”

There are a few other tweets about, but that seems like the brunt of it.  Later on in the thread, it seems that Johnny’s fans have joined into the mix:

Johnny's Wota vs Yukirin

“Just because you got #2 in the election, don’t get carried away”

“Sorry, I followed you just to say this.  You were involved with Tegoshi and that Friday scandal, right?  You both have a lot of fans, so you should dissolve your secret relationship; please return to having a relationship you only make salutations as fellow celebrities”

And it continues on from another user with one final jab at AKB management in general:

Johnny's Wota vs Yukirin

“You really have no right to be part of AKB.  You could just say that you two are friends, and it’d be all okay.  It might be really strict, but firing even popular AKB member is a possibility.  If that happens, maybe other popular members will be fired too.  But you know, Akimoto is really too lenient with popular members.”

It appears that both sides of the fandom have strong feelings to express!

Source: http://akb48mato.com/archives/8852033.html

Author: reika

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  • Guest

    Oh who care. Weren’t there mad fans with Sashi, Milky, Miichan, Sayuri etc scandals too? Yet look how they turned out. Sayuringo is even selling out all her handshake tickets and she supposedly dated a married middle age guy. There’s no point caring about what the loud minority think. And tbh what about the supportive/neutral comments? Don’t translate only the negative ones for click bait and stir up drama.

    • reika

      I don’t have much opinion, just paraphrasing an blog post I was reading. I just thought its interesting that people can write such mean comments online about this topic. But, like you said, who cares, right?

  • Rika

    Seriously wth?! Why is it only directed at her? It takes two to fucking tango. It sucks how this ugly ass tegoshi guy doesn’t get the blame to this at all. Same with miichan. Honestly. I feel so sorry for Yuki cause she has to deal with some no-life akb wotas and some fan bitches from news going all up in her twitter.