Sousenkyo Ranking 17 to 32

AKB48 41st Single Election Ranking official photos

As many of you know, official photos for each election’s bracket ranking are released every year.  I’ve gathered the 2015 election photos here for posterity’s sake.  Although as others have noted, the picture with Suda Akari’s non-smiling face will probably go down in AKB history.

Sousenkyo Ranking 65 to 80
Ranking 65 to 80
Sousenkyo Ranking 49 to 64
Ranking 49 to 64
Sousenkyo Ranking 33 to 48
Ranking 33 to 48
Sousenkyo Ranking 17 to 32
Ranking 17 to 32
Sousenkyo Ranking 1 to 16
Ranking 1 to 16

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