Moriyasu Madoka

AKB48 Election: Vote Drop Ranking!

While most AKB election coverages seems to focus on who rank highest, who ranked and who didn’t, a recent thread uncovers a sadder statistic: rank of those who lost the most votes.

In terms of vote counts, the recent 2015 AKB Election has had the most election votes in history.  Indeed, even the last place position collected over 13,000 votes.

Another thing to note is those who fell dramatically.  A recent 2ch thread goes on the answer the question: who lost the most votes?  The answer may not really surprise you.

  • Moriyasu Madoka (27054 → 19401), lost 7653 votes
  • Suda Akari (48182 → 43665), lost 4517
  • Umeda Ayaka (20658 → 17019), lost 3639
  • Motomura Aoi (16449 → 13116), lost 3333
  • Ichikawa Miori (15045 → 13165), lost 1840

The drop in votes seems to have been reflected in the massive rank drops as well. Moriyasu, who ranked 25th in 2014, dropped 18 spots to #43; Umeda Ayaka also dropped 21 sports, from #35 to #56; and of course, Suda Akari who dropped completely out the top 16 senbatsu.


Author: reika

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