Sato Sumire Election

Sato Sumire 2015 7th Senbatsu speech (English subtitles)

Here is Sato Sumire’s speech for the 49th position from the 2015 AKB48 41st Single 7th Senbatsu Sousenkyo General Election.

I’m Sato Sumire (aka Sumire), from SKE48 Team E. Everyone, thank you very much!

I transferred to SKE48 from AKB48 one year ago.

At that time, I was unranked, and I faced many difficult and trying times, but it was all of you fans who taught me that I wasn’t alone.

Lately, a lot of new members have been showing up. A lot of members in my generation have graduated. But, since even someone middle-aged like me has ranked in, I can still keep going, and I hope you’ll still want to have me around.

Usually, I have a hard time saying this, but I really love you all, because… because? Uh, yes.

皆さんも私がどこに移籍しても… しないけど、また発表されるかもしれないじゃん。
So everyone, no matter where I get transferred… even though I’m not getting transferred, but you know, it could be announced sometime, right?

Even so, I’d be very happy if you still continued to like me.

From now on, please continue to support me. Thank you very much!

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