Matsui Rena

What will SKE48 be like without Matsui Rena?

What will SKE be like with Matsui Rena?  As Japanese are so in love with mimicry (mone-mane, モノマネ), a recent 2ch thread compares a Rena-less SKE48 with many different things…

Some of the commentators are sad, others are funny.  The 2ch starts with the original poster asking: What is SKE48 like without Matsu Rena? The answers:

  • An idol graveyard (アイドルの墓場)
  • A very clear, beautiful blue sky (澄み切った青空)
  • An earth with a moon (月のない地球)
  • Like a Sukiya-ka with only one person working (ワンオペ中のすき家)
  • Like Final Fantasy X without Rikku (リュックが居ないFF10)
  • Like Aichi prefecture that has no Toyota (トヨタのない愛知県)
  • It’s like getting takoyaki with no octopus, and being like, “What the hell?!” (タコ焼きなのにタコ入ってねーぞ!ふざけんな!って感じだな)

Fans will indeed have their own personal stake on Rena’s graduation, and some are more crestfallen than others. What will a Rena-less SKE48 be like for you?


Author: reika

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