Documentary of SKE48

Documentary of SKE48 announced, for sale in September

The documentary, called, “Idol no Namida, Documentary of SKE48”, was announced on June 15th, 2015, and is scheduled for sale on September 9th, on both Blu-ray and DVD.

Matsui Rena had this to say about the documentary: “No matter how many times you watch it, some things you’ll see coming, and only after watching it will you understand the meaning of certain things.  I hope you’ll pay attention and have fun watching it.”

Matsui Jurina also adds: “By watching this film, I think you’ll view SKE48 differently.  I hope you’ll watching in many times.”

It’ll focus on some of the first generation members, such as Yagami Kumi, and Ogiso Shiori, who was recently married.  There will also be interviews with graduated members, and in total will include interviews from about 40 people.  The documentary will cover all topics in their 6 year history, all the way from their auditions.

Very little other information is available, except that it’ll be for sale in September, it runs 115 minutes, and will cost 5800 yen for the Blu-ray version, and 4800 yen for the DVD version.

Documentary of SKE48


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