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Mayuyu’s drama receives insanely lower ratings

It would seem that success as an idol does not necessarily lend itself to success in other areas of Japanese celebrity life.  Recently, Watanabe Mayu starred in a Fuji TV drama titled, “Tatakau! Shouten Girl”, where she takes one of the lead roles.  Unfortunately, even Mayuyu couldn’t save the show from terribly low ratings.

Unlike AKB singles, which for the most part seem to achieve million-seller status regardless of quality, the jump of AKB members into other forms of media has not always been of such quality.

“Tatakau! Shouten Girl!” started with a reasonable enough premise (by Japanese drama standards at least): two main leads, both female, one in her 20s (Watanabe Mayu’s role), and one in her 40s (played by Inamori Izumi).  The drama features the two butting heads, showing the how each girl, respective of their age groups, handles difficulties in work, love, and life.  The drama sells itself as a “female life drama”.

The first episode achieved ratings of 6.2%, and achieved an all time low of 3.3% by episode seven.  Overall however, ratings were about 4.7%.  For comparison sake, Oshima Yuko’s recent drama, “Yame-goku”, achieved reacting sod 9.1% in the first episode, and it’s lowest ratings were in episode five, at 5.2%.

Even further comparison, most regularly broadcast variety shows seem to achieve double-digit ratings in the low teens, as we previously noted.

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  • Jack

    It’s a great drama and I very much enjoy watching it. So sad about the low ratings…

    • reika

      Actually, I haven’t watched yet. But I want to see Mayuyu’s acting! (^^

    • Yeah, it’s a pity. I think I tired watching Sabadol once, but couldn’t get into it :-/

  • 8675309

    I’m not sure acting is Mayuyu’s thing or raison d’etre. She’s certainly cute and all, but she doesn’t really have a screen presence per se. That said, whatever talent she does have is totally wasted in “Tatakau! Shouten Girl,” which is just about the dumbest idea for a drama since time immemorial. I don’t know what it is, but the appeal of working in a bookstore vs. the actual drama of being a bookseller is the epitome of banality. I mean, you can only squeeze so much pathos out of people who shelve books all day for a living. The best dramas are invariably where such mundane details are best kept in the background with only marginal importance with peripheral references at best. Here, the world of retail bookstores takes centerstage, which is seriously flawed if not a fatal fait accompli.I would’ve liked to see Mayuyu in a more engaging and challenging environment that I and others presumably would be interested in watching. Mayuyu as the retail bookstore clerk/scion? Boring!! Mayuyu as a modern-day anime otaku tele-transported back to the Heian period as an undercover courtier or Nyokan on a mission to save lives of famous figures and rewrite history? Now that’s a drama! Until then, I cannot remember this bookstore nonsense at all.

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