Takahashi Juri

Takahashi Juri’s reaction to Team 4 graduations

With two recent graduation announcements from fell team 4 members, Takahashi Juri’s writes a long and heartfelt post about the departure of her fellow team mates, Tsuchiyasu Mizuki and Maeda Mitsuki.

Tsuchiyasu Mizuki and Maeda Mitsuki both announced their graduations during a recent theater show. Relevant screen captures from the performance:

Afterwards, Takahashi Juri puts up an unusually length G+ post after her thoughts about the situation:

This is a little late, sorry.

Mitsuki and Mizuki announced their graduations.

It’s not as if I pulled AKB48 forward, I always watched my senior members from behind. As a captain, I’ve always tried to have an overwhelming presence and coolly lead my junior members. But because I have no persuasive strength in that regard, and I’ve always thought about how I could make up for that. Even just a little, as someone who’s been called young and in the same position, I tried to take on everyone’s worries, troubles, and anxiety. And I thought I’d be able to take notice of those around me.

But, I didn’t know anything about those two’s graduation.

There is a new team, and we have been together long. But even so, because I didn’t notice their desire to graduate, my heart aches… it feels painful. As soon as you guys found out about their graduation, I contacted them immediately.

I’m disappointed in myself, honestly, I probably wasn’t able to give Mitsuki and Mizuki the push they needed. But I know they have many dreams of their own, and I want them to spend their time as they like. No matter what they decided, I plan to support them with all my strength.

Each with their own circumstances, they were able to make a very big decision. I think they’re very strong.

私は一度、仲間になったらそれはずっと本物だと思うから AKB48として過ごせる時間は最後は来るけど、夢を追う仲間としては変わらずに私にとっての美月と瑞希、そして、美月と瑞希にとっての私、これからも違う環境になっても変わらず支えていきます。
For me, when I make it friend, it’s a real thing. So while their time as AKB48 has come to an end, it won’t change the fact that they are friends who are also chasing a dream. And to them, even if we’re in different places, I’ll continue to support them.

To the members in their same generation, and to the members on their team, we’ve overcome many things and strengthened our bonds. And it’ll be lonely to know we’ll be working in different places. I felt the same way when I heard that Kawaei Rina announce her graduation. So, I really understand, and I hope we can overcome this together.

That’s how I feel now. I haven’t sorted it out, and this getting long and hard to read, so sorry.

I hope I’ll become stronger so that I can keep supporting these two.

I want to spend the remaining precious time together as wisely as possibly.

Please continue to offer your support. Sorry if these are the only words I’m able to express.

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  • amina888

    Juri is so mature and express herself so well, she also has great leadership skills. I think she is the one who has what it takes to be Takamina’s succesor.

    • reika

      Yes, really, you’re right about it! It seems Juri has changed very much since her debut.