Akimoto Yasushi

Akimoto’s vague commentary on Yukirin scandal

On a recently aired radio show, Akimoto Yasushi provides some comments on the most recent Yukirin scandal.

The radio show is caled, “Rhyme Star Utada Maru Weekend Special”, and the MC leads into the Yukirin issue in typical Japanese fashion: “It’s tough, isn’t it?”  Akimoto replies in kind, and then goes into further detail:

“There’s a lot going on, right?  And there’s always a question about what to do….. every time… AKB is really like a living thing.  We try to make it follow a particular format, try to do things a certain way, but it never turns out right, does it?  You really can’t predict these types of things.” (色んなことが起こるじゃないですか。それはどうするんだろうっていうのがね……毎回こう、AKBってやっぱり生き物なんで、なんかフォーマットを作ってこういう風に落としこんで行こうという風にはおさまらないんですよね。予測がつかないじゃないですか)

With regards to the Yukirin’s scandal, he says, “I wonder.  I also don’t really know much.  I’m always asking the staff, ‘What is going on?'”(どうなんですかね、僕もよく分かんないですけど。『どうなの?』って僕が聞いてますよ、スタッフに).

Akimoto-P also makes a commentary about the nature of how handling scandals in general has changed: “It was interesting.  In the past we used to say, ‘Let’s do this, or let’s do that’, but that era is over. Until now, with bad happenings such as these, with underground idols, we were able to make things stylish.  But it’s become so we can’t do that anymore.  It’s become hard to make things interesting anymore.” (面白がって、これをこうしよう、あれをこうしよう、というそれをやる時代が終わりましたよね。今までは、このマイナスとか出来事を、ある種の、地下アイドルの延長線上としてシャレでやったところがある。それがだんだん、何をやってもシャレですまなくなってきた。面白がるということはなかなか難しい状況ですよね).

With regards to scandals about members happening: “I understand that it’s tough.  When you get a bunch of people together, or when you gather people toward a common goal, a lot of different things will happen.  On the one hand, some  will say, ‘Try your best!’, on the other hand some will complain.” (大変は大変なんですけど、人が集まるとか、人が一緒に何かに向かって歩いて行くと、様々な現象が起きるわけなんですよね。それを『がんばれー』という場合もあるし『コラー』という場合もあるし).

Admittedly, his commentary is very vague, although it seems he knows as much details as we do.


Source: http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20150615-00000013-rbb-ent

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